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Cosmetic Mod Add-on 1.17+

Cosmetic Mod Add-on

The Cosmetic Mod will allow players to improve the appearance of their character in Minecraft. The addition allows you to add various elements to the player's model. At the same time, the improvements will be seen by all players, not just the owner of the mod. So this addon allows you to create your own, unique character in the game.


There are 10 new items available that will be on the character. In addition, all skins can be edited through the game files, if you are good at it.

Wings: reminiscent of the dragon of the Edge, has a smooth and beautiful animation
Cloak: an accessory on the player's back
Nimbus: a hat in the shape of a ring over his head
Scarf: normal scarf
Susanoo: from the Naruto anime
Tentacles: 4 tentacles on the player's back
Chain: small necklace
Horns: self-explanatory
Goat Horns: Similar to horns
Cat ears: pretty cute design
Face: customizable detail
Helmet: customizable detail

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