Minecraft 1.4 - the first part of the update is available!

Minecraft 1.4 - the first part of the update is available! 
Finally, we waited for the release of a new version of Minecraft PE 1.4 Aquatic Update. You can start a new game adventure, where you will see the ocean, lots of fish, dolphins, ships on the sea floor and many other interesting innovations!

In the first part of the update so far, there are not some elements, we are talking about phantoms and turtles, their developers will create in a new version.

All changes to Minecraft PE 1.4:
  • Different types of fish
  • Different types of coralsBuckets with fish
  • Different types of algae
  • Block of algae
  • Iceberg
  • New mobs - a dolphin
  • Ice blue
  • Nine species of new biomes in the ocean
  • New caves and ruins under the water
  • Marine plants - sea grass and sea cucumber
  • Treasure in chests on the seabed
  • Treasure maps
  • Treasures
  • Swimming function
  • Four kinds of new charms
  • New types of logs
  • New buttons, hatches and pressure plates
  • Items can float in water
  • Pumpkin
  • Eight kinds of achievements
  • Prismarine and objects from this material
In the settings of the chit, you can include the chemistry from the Education EditionThe second part of the update will be released very soon, and now you can download Minecraft PE 1.4 for free by the link below. Good luck, friends!

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