Minecraft Beta - what's new?

Minecraft Beta - what's new?


Hi, friends! Today we are gonna talk about a new version of Minecraft Beta! The developers of Mojang did not announce the appearance of phantoms in the Aquatic Update, but this innovation introduces this innovation.


Apparently, they decided to change their decision and please Mineraft Bedrock players with barrier blocks and phantoms. In this news we will review the main additions and changes in MCPE!

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

  • When players do not sleep for 3 consecutive days, you can meet phantoms in the game world.
  • A new object is the barrier block. What it is? This is a special kind of block that will create a limit for moving.
  • In particular, it is useful for those who create maps with a limited territory. They can be placed in Creative mode, and such blocks will be invisible in Survival mode.

To get the block of the barrier you can use it in a text command, and they can not be found in Creative mode.

How has the interface changed in MCPE

  • The game process becomes stable, developers have removed the flights
  • The game menu works efficiently
  • When water flows down the stairs, everything looks natural
  • In the course of trade with a resident you will receive your items at all times, they can not disappear after changing the name of the subject
  • Correctly updated maps, when you take an object in your hand
  • Use the / setblock command to start the redstone mechanism by setting the power source
  • Switch between items in the store using the gamepad, when you trade with a resident
  • Tame mules and donkeys to ride on these creatures
  • When a tramp or skeleton is in the water, he will attack you
  • There is a right way to get a barrier block. Use a simple text command. Enable Cheats in the game world, and then type / give @s barrier_block.


You can download Minecraft PE for free right now - just follow this link. Have a good game!

Minecraft Beta - what's new?

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Hi, guys! Today we’re gonna make an interesting review of Minecraft
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