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Survival Helicopters Add-on 1.18+

Survival Helicopters Add-on

The Survival Helicopters mod adds helicopters to Minecraft Pocket Edition. There is nothing better for personal use than helicopters. It's a handy transport that can move everywhere and at high speeds. At the same time, the transport will work both on reals and on regular servers. So far only two colors are available: white and orange.

For crafting you'll have to try hard: just like in life, to get a helicopter you need to collect expensive materials.
Survival Helicopters Add-on 1.18+

If you crouch down, you can open the helicopter's inventory. However, this function does not always work properly.

Cargo helicopter
Can carry two passengers
Can take a mob: to do this, you have to fly up close to the mob

Apache helicopter
Has a machine gun
Faster than others
3 designs
Must be tamed before using

Chinook Helicopter
18 passenger seats
Can carry villagers
Two different items are used to add or remove villagers from the helicopter
3 designs



Changes in the new version
Added new helicopters
Improved textures
A lot of other changes

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