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Basic Machinery Add-on 1.18+

Basic Machinery Add-on

Basic Machinery brings a lot of mechanisms. All of them are simple and perform the most common functions. However, you will be able to connect them to each other and create real factories and workshops. The add-on includes 19 new blocks to build mechanisms in Minecraft. The addition will work together with other builds.

All types of mechanisms
Basic Machinery Add-on 1.18+

Moves things in the direction of the arrow
No activation required
There is an improved version with increased speed

Power cable
Moves power from one mechanism to another

Liquid Cable
Moves lava or water

Gas cable
Moves carbon or vapor gas

Coal-fired generator
Produces energy from coal
Energy is transmitted through the back of the generator with a red square

Digs down
Energy needed
The extracted blocks will drop from the top of the machine
The more energy, the faster the drill works

Holds up to 8 points of energy
Energy goes out the side of the arrows that go in
Energy comes in on the side of the arrows that go in

Block Breaker
Breaks down blocks from the front
Needs Energy

Cobble Generator
Creates cobblestones from energy
The more energy you have, the faster the blocks will appear

Turns rock into gravel and gravel into sand
Stays on for a few seconds when energized

Liquid Tank
Holds 10 points of lava or water
Requires liquid cable to pour or pour out
Pouring is from above and emptying from below

Lava generator
Creates energy from the lava
The power core must be within 30 blocks of this block

Steam Generator
Similar to lava generator
Creates energy from water

Fishing generator
Creates sea things: fish, ink, water lilies, etc.

Electric Furnace
Melts ore and cobble
Gas cable can make carbon gas from the top
Carbon gas is turned into coal in a steam condenser

Quantum miner
Creates random ore when you gain energy

Solar panel
Slowly creates energy

Steam condenser
Creates water from steam or coal from carbon gas

Liquid Pump
Creates water or lava when energy is applied
Liquid is collected by liquid cable
Water is created if a water block is placed underneath
If there is no water block, lava is produced

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