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'87 Toyota Hilux N50 Add-on 1.18/1.17+/1.16

'87 Toyota Hilux N50 Add-on

The '87 Toyota Hilux N50 mod will give everyone the opportunity to own a cool Toyota Hilux. At one time, the model was considered so reliable and safe that it was compared to the AK-47 in the world of cars. Therefore, the car was often used to transport small loads around the world. Now every player will be able to get her MCPE to travel long distances.

In the game, the car got a low speed, 2 passenger seats, improved animations and sounds.

Many colors and three types are available: regular, closed-body and farm body.

As always, you have to interact with the car to open the doors, and to close them, you have to crouch down and interact. To open and close the hood, you must crouch and interact, but the doors must be closed.
'87 Toyota Hilux N50 Add-on 1.18/1.17+/1.16

How to get
/summon hiluxn50:white1
/summon hiluxn50:black1
/summon hiluxn50:red1
/summon hiluxn50:mblue1
/summon hiluxn50:white_con1
/summon hiluxn50:silver_con1
/summon hiluxn50:mblue_con1
/summon hiluxn50:silver_lorry1
/summon hiluxn50:white_lorry1
/summon hiluxn50:umak_lorry1

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