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'91 Suzuki Cappuccino Add-on 1.17+

'91 Suzuki Cappuccino Add-on

The mod '91 Suzuki Cappuccino adds the car of the same name to the world of Minecraft Bedrock. It's a pretty fast and beautiful vehicle for use in the block universe. It's the kind of vehicle you'll want to drive all the time, so use it for racing and just traveling.

In the game, the vehicle received an average driving speed, 2 seats, improved animations and sounds.

Commands to get
/summon scappuccino:red11
/summon scappuccino:red21
/summon scappuccino:silver11
/summon scappuccino:silver21
/summon scappuccino:black1
/summon scappuccino:gtred1
/summon scappuccino:gtwhite1
/summon scappuccino:gtorange1
/summon scappuccino:gtblue1

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