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2021 Econobox Add-on 1.16+

2021 Econobox Add-on

Have you ever used addons that added cars to your Minecraft world? If so, then you probably won't be surprised by this. But would you like to add to your Minecraft world not just a beautiful car with different features, but choose something easier, but at the same time, a comfortable and reliable vehicle? If yes, then the new addon is what you need. This addon adds a new car to your Minecraft world, which will be just the very vehicle that will give you comfort and reliability when driving around the city.

The new car is called Econobox 2021. Maybe you have seen such cars in real life before and you know that they are very reliable and economical cars for the city and everyday driving. It's not a powerful engine, but it's still better than riding a horse or walking.

The new cars have a very simple but at the same time very cute and nice design.

Let's take a look below at what Econobox cars look like and are available to players in the Minecraft world.

Econobox car types:

1. White Econobox:

White Econobox

2. Gray Econobox:

Gray Econobox

3. Red Econobox:

Red Econobox

4. Yellow Econobox:

Yellow Econobox

5. And the special design of the car is dark blue with a sports body:

special design

Simple car interior:

Simple car interior (1)

What does the interior of a car with a special design look like:

Simple car interior (2)

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