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Download Minecraft Java 1.15

Download Minecraft Java 1.15

We are glad to present you a new update for the PC version of Minecraft 1.15. In the new update, new mobs, functionality and much more are waiting for you.

Download Minecraft Java 1.15

What has been changed in the new version of Minecraft 1.15?

As you know, Microsoft in the period from 2018 to 2019 has been working hard on the Minecraft game, which contributes to the speedy release of new and exciting content, and in general, the game becomes more complex and interesting.

Let’s first consider with you what Mojang has already officially confirmed for the release. Also, below you will see all the changes and updates that have been published on the official Minecraft website.

The first one we will consider is the new Mob Bee. The idea to create this mob came to developers by chance. Bees will not be very dangerous to the player, they will be neutral. But the main thing is not to provoke these mobs. Also remember that after using your sting, the bees will die.

In the new Minecraft 1.15 update, the player can find whole beehives, as well as honey. Finding them is not difficult, they spawn both in flower forests and in the plains. And yes, honey is useful not only in real life but will also be very useful for the player in the game.


Using this mechanism, in Minecraft 1.15 version of the PC, the player can fill his bottle with water and even honey in one second, which in turn can please not all players.

What was added in 19w36a?

In short, let's understand for those who do not know what 19w36a is. This is the third pre-build for 1.15, released in the fall of 2019, which adds many features. We did not begin to consider the previous assembly 19w35a as it contained only bug fixes.

Let's take a closer look at the 19w36a build:

— Obfuscation of cards is now published with all future versions of the game, including this one;
— Honey Bottle Now restores 2.4 units of saturation when consumed, instead of 9.6 units;
— Added functionality from the Bedrock version.

And now let's look at what in our opinion can also be added to the new version. All of the following is taken from the hints of the Minecraft game development team.


Have you ever seen how the merchants, namely the villagers, take their products from where? For example, a butcher and his meat, a fisherman and his fish, and so on. It is precisely for this reason that such an assumption has appeared that these villagers will subsequently extract these resources independently, possibly even from separately created biomes or caves.

Functional blocks

It is difficult not to notice the major changes that affected not only the inhabitants of the village but also the villages themselves. It is there that you can find working villagers, each of whom has his own profession. Since in the previous version everyone was expecting new workbenches and tools for the work of the villagers, but they never came out, they are expected in this update with the new functionality of new blocks of workbenches and new tools.


Earlier, one of the developers of the game published a post on Twitter that there will soon be a new Blaze3D engine for Minecraft.
Most likely this particular new engine will be used for the new version. Its task will be to optimize the game, improve rendering and download speed.

Battle system

Many are uncomfortable with the battle system in the Minecraft game, including the developers themselves, some of them even talked about it openly on the forums. Since the previous version, namely from version 1.9, the battle system in Minecraft has been changed, so it is most likely that it can also be changed in Minecraft Java version 1.15.

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