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Download Minecraft Java 1.14

Download Minecraft Java 1.14

Everyone is looking forward to a new update for everyone's favorite Minecraft game. The new update should bring us a large number of innovations. This time, each player will be able to download Minecraft 1.14 without any problems and delays. This version promises to bring a large number of new content, namely new objects, mobs, features and much more. In order for you to know and understand all the changes in the upcoming update, let's take a closer look at each of the items.

New blocks in Minecraft Java 1.14


In the game, there will be new Scaffolds blocks that allow you to create new elements near buildings under construction or already built. These special elements will help you to easily move around your object, which is under construction, around structures and buildings to get to the place you need. Visually, these blocks have a pleasant appearance and in fact, are very practical, all you need is just to take advantage of this update.

Download Minecraft Java 1.14


In the Minecraft world, players will be able to use a new resource called bamboo. It can be found exclusively in the jungle. This resource grows in height, it can also be like loot from pandas. A new resource can be used as a building material, as well as for various other purposes where a stick can be used.

Withered rose

This resource drops from a withered mob. Be very careful with this flower as, during the time when the player collects it, it will undergo the effect of draining for one second. This resource is necessary for crafting black dye.

Lilies of the valley

This plant will spawn absolutely everywhere and in all green biomes. This beautiful plant can be used to craft white dye. You can use this plant as a decoration of your territory.


This is another plant that will spawn in green biomes. This beautiful resource can be recognized by its blue color. The player can also use this plant to create a blue dye. Also, can be used to decorate the territory.

Weaving machine

A very useful addition for adventures, with its help the player can create flags. You can customize its appearance, there will also be special cells in order to place fabric or paints. From now on, this will be the only way to create flags using this new tool.


This resource will help you store certain resources, as well as an addition to decorate the territory and home. In general, you can figure out how and where to apply it yourself.

Stone cutter

This tool will help you with the processing of stone, at the moment its full functionality is not yet fully disclosed, but in the future, it will be fixed. We assume that this universal tool will help us get processed stones for the design of houses and territories.

Cartographic table

This machine is likely to help you create cards and put special marks on them.

The department

This element can be used by the player as a decoration in the house or some other room. You can also put books on this object.


The functionality of this item is that it will simply ring and you can find it exclusively in the villages.


With this tool, players will be able to cook new dishes using new recipes. Basically it will be useful among players who love cooking.

Forging machine

This machine will be used to craft new things from metal.

As you already understood, each direction will have its own original way of crafting.

Melting furnace

You can find this furnace in the villages, it is used for the smelting of ores and metal.

Archer's table

From the name you can guess that this item will be used to make arrows and bows.


This table will help you get rid of the charms that were imposed on other items. It will also be possible to return some part of the experience and even unite several broken objects. Already in the game, you can see its cells for use, two for input and one for output.


This light source will be brighter than the others, and also has a better appearance and will serve much longer than its analogs. You can use them under any circumstances just having a torch and iron with you.

New items


This is a new type of weapon that is better than an ordinary bow ineffectiveness. This weapon does more damage but has a slight minus due to the long reload time. Has a unique opportunity to shoot a rocket. It also has three additional abilities, namely:

— piercing — shells have a high penetration rate;
— multi-shot — gives the ability to shoot three arrows at once in different directions;
— quick reload — increases reload speed.

New mobs in Minecraft 1.14


These are the new very cute mobs that have been added to the Minecraft world. New animals can be both calm and aggressive. You can find them exclusively in the jungle and eat, these cute animals, bamboo. They have minimal damage and only 20 HP.


These mobs are extremely aggressive, they only move in groups and attack entire villages. They do not wear armor but do a lot of damage to their rivals. If a player kills an entire squad of these robbers, he will receive a crossbow.


This is a very large and powerful mob, it attacks the villagers and is always aggressive. It also attacks the beds and tries to destroy the crop. Has 100 HP.

Other changes

New feature: send feedback and bug

Now players can report a bug or put their review using a new special item. In general, the form is very simple and it will not be difficult to understand it. Thanks to this feature, players can now quickly report errors in the game and, together with the developers, make the game even better.

Pillagers patrol

This is a large detachment of pillagers, which consists of four members and one ravager. Among the squad, you can find one leader, he always has a flag above his head, and he has additional abilities. Fighting with such a detachment is quite difficult, since each member of the detachment has its own task, in addition to their aggressive mood, the pillagers will attack the player from a distance, and the ravager is close to the player. By destroying an entire squad, the player can get very good loot, including a new crossbow. But before engaging in a battle with them, think carefully about defense and think about your strengths, whether you are able to withstand them or not.

At the moment, this is all the information that we own regarding the new update Minecraft 1.14 Java Edition. This update is considered one of the most significant, as it will be the beginning for all subsequent updates of the Minecraft world. Have a nice game!

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